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Cursory Knowledge

The main Strinrath book in a 3 page super short summary.

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Common Knowledge

Aspects of Strinrath summed up in 1/10 of the words.

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Deep Knowledge

A few important samples of whole sections from the full Strinrath book.

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A World of Legendary Heroes

*A “system agnostic” fantasy word played and refined since its creation in 1990. Run it using any fantasy or generic/universal RPG rules. We also have tailored rules available.
*Intended to overlay your favourite adventures and gazetteers. Strinrath provides the depth needed for immersive play to fully simulate strong personas in a rich milieu.

*Distinctive without being so exotic players struggle with it. Cultures are loosely based on the Saxons, Picts, Slavs, Assyrians, Celts and Norse updated to a Viking Age feel.
*The mythology of the world has ongoing relevance and internal consistency that is the wellspring from which the workings of gods and heroes arise. Gods are idiosyncratic.

*A world of floating islands provides total flexibility. Cultural regions have a consistent tone.
*A strong context explains how heroes are intrinsic to everything. Heroes become larger than life as they become legendary and transform the world.
*Flexible magic with strong internal logic expands possibilities.

What Makes Strinrath Feel Unique? Key Ideas in Three Easy Pictures…

Historical anachronisms that do not fit the era the current age of Strinrath is modelled on.
Concepts avoided to make Strinrath unique.
The style of things the world has on the left and the style of things it does not have on the right.